I want to (learn to) ride

Will you come and see us sometime? Then we can show you the horses, the stables, the tack room and the riding lessons, you can smell the smell of horses, we can explain the rules to you and answer your questions.

We are all qualified and each have our own qualities, but we all have one goal and that is to ensure that week after week our riders have an enjoyable lesson in which they can learn, develop and of course experience great enjoyment with their horse or pony.

Everyone is welcome to come and ride at R.S.C Seurenheide, able-bodied or disabled, child or adult.
Everyone follows an individually-tailored scheme that always starts with an introductory lesson, unless you are already in possession of a Rider Passport. This is followed by a number of private lessons (the introductory course) to learn to learn to walk, trot and steer independently in order to eventually, and always by mutual agreement, ride in a group lesson, unless private lessons are preferred.

We offer various lessons for various groups:

·         Introductory lesson, this is for everyone who wishes to come and ride with us (beginner or experienced);
·         Introductory Course, for the beginner older than 7.5 years;
·         Bixie Scheme (Lead rein) for children aged between 4 and 7.5 years old;
·         Group lessons for children from 7.5 years old, grouped according to age and level;
·         Group lessons for adults, grouped according to level;
·         Jumping lessons 
·         Disabled riders ride in groups, grouped according to level. During these lessons the riders are accompanied by our   volunteers;
·         Private lessons, with a riding school horse or with your own horse. This gives you the chance to work on specific things;
·         Private lessons for people with a disability;
·         Lessons based on the Freestyle System. Loose work, ground work and long-reining;
·         For clients, riding without instructor supervision is possible after consultation, and by appointment only.

Do you have a child that is constantly going on at you that he or she wants to ride?
Or do you yourself want to learn to ride?

With our website we want to show you as much as possible, require you to read as little as possible, and at the same time leave a good impression.
But you will only get a truly good impression of us and our riding centre when you visit us for an introduction & tour (please make an appointment so that we are certain that one of us can make time for you). We can then show you the horses, the stables, the tack room and the riding lessons, we can let you experience the smell of horses, explain to you the rules and answer your questions. Before you leave you will receive an information pack from us, containing the small but oh so important details. The prices are also included in the pack, but now you know what you are paying for. If you want to come and ride with us pick up the phone and call us to make an appointment, fill out the contact form or send us an e-mail.


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