About us, our passion!

The interaction between people and animals makes our sport in all its aspects, special and valuable.

Everyone is welcome at Seurenheide Riding Centre, young & old, able-bodied & disabled, beginners and advanced riders!
We like to offer a personal approach so please feel free to drop in to get acquainted and have a tour of our facilities.
We will be happy to tell you more, will gladly show you everything and will answer all your questions!


Moving Together

Is our vision and stands for:

Growth and development of rider and horse




is the most important factor for both rider and horse; the motivation to ride horses.
We have fun together and with our horses, we enjoy varied lessons, dressage or bareback riding, we make use of jumps or play games. We want our riders to have fun whilst learning! And to have even more fun we regularly organise activities and events “fun things with horses” and we do “more than just horse riding”.



The quality of our business is reflected in the riding lessons, the horses and in our facilities.
The riding lessons are given by certified instructors.
The horses and ponies give our riders a good feeling when ridden.
And our facilities enable us to offer multidimensional riding lessons.
The FNRS has awarded us 4 stars.



riders and horses is our main activity.
Horse riding, in whatever shape or form, is a true sport. You don’t have to be extremely supple, fast or strong to be able to ride well. But equestrianism demands great psychomotor skills from the rider: balance, coordination, core stability, feel for rhythm and speed, timing, empathy and dealing with uncertainty are just some of the skills a rider needs, to be able to work together with their horse. That these skills are good for children goes without saying. But the nice thing about our sport is that, as an adult, you can continue to develop these skills. As an equestrian you can thus continue to ‘develop’ and ‘grow’ well into old age whereas in many other sports, after the age of 30 you only go downhill.



Happy horses, that is what we like to see.

A clean, safe and spacious stable with a nice straw bed, sufficient forage spread throughout the day, regular exercise and play with fellow horses in the field, varied work and correctly-fitting tack are the basis of our horses’ welfare. Good instruction during the lessons contributes to this too!


Passion for horses

We humans have a need for interaction with animals, for honest communication, to be challenged, to form a bond and to be ACTIVE outdoors.



Respect for people, animals & nature is of paramount importance to us.



Our riding school must first and foremost be a transparent and safe environment for riders, horses and visitors. The horse is a flight animal and we must take this into consideration. For this reason a number of rules apply on our premises and our facilities meet the requirements set out by Stichting Veilige Paardensport (Foundation for Safe Equestrianism) and certified with the Safety Certificate.



Horse riding is only possible when the two moving individuals, rider and horse, are in balance.
Balance stands for all the skills a rider needs in order to be able to work together with their horse: In Balance Together is a programme to specifically train all these skills, without a horse but with a lot of fun!


Freestyle System

This system offers everyone the possibility to learn to understand a horse and has as goal: (learn to) ride responsibly and professionally. The Freestyle system consists of three supporting types of training: Loose work, Ground work and Long-reining. These training types are offered as a course and as private lessons. Horse riding is taught using the basic riding system, and is then extended to include technical riding. Conscious horse riding is the result.

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