Riding Centre

Well-being is a state in which you are doing well spiritually, physically and socially. This is what we strive for, for our riders & horses!


At our riding centre:

Pleasure is sooooo important!;
Rules apply to ensure structure and safety;
Riders ride individually within a group lesson (we don’t ride one behind the other);
The lantern ride is the most beautiful event of the year, 1500 lights and lanterns form a pathway through the woods;
There is a lot of individual attention for riders but also for the parents of young riders;
We also make mistakes and appreciate feedback so that we can improve ourselves;
Each of our horses and ponies has its own grooming bag and wears a rug in the winter;
We are all members of the KNHS;
We ride with saddles during the lessons or, if we wish, on a Bare Back Pad (children and adults);
We do dressage exercises or we jump;
You receive a sand-rider diploma if you fall off your horse (after 3 falls = free extra group lesson)
We happily help you if you can’t do something, or you don’t understand something, or if you have a question;
We organise F-, VA- and S- competition days;
You earn stickers when riding in the Bixie Scheme;
The Freestyle System is used (all instructors are qualified Freestyle System instructors);
Ideas and requests are always welcome and negotiable.


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